Why We Don’t Sell Sex Dolls on Amazon?

Today, I would like to explain why we do not sell sex products on Amazon.

Sever years ago we attempted to open our amazon store and started selling our products through them. Everything was going well until we were forced by amazon to accept a returned doll that had been delivered 36 days prior. Due to our company’s sanitary standards, we decided not to accept the doll back, so we allowed the customer to keep his doll and refunded his money. Sadly, the nightmare had just started…. this happened over and over again until we decided to take a chance in getting our product back, but the dolls were definitely used and obviously in no condition to resell.

We then decided to look into storing our products with amazon in order to provide Fast shipping for amazon prime members. When we learned that amazon would accept the product back to their warehouse, no questions asked, they’ll turn around and resell it in a heartbeat without sanitary control, YIKES!! we closed our amazon sex doll store and broke up with them for good.

Guys please, do not take your chances to buy intimate products on Amazon and buy your sex dolls and sex toys from Registered and/or Certified American Sex Toy Retailers. We are generally strict about our price points and don’t offer steep discounts or huge sales. And depending on how big the company is, we usually won’t accept returns. You could also try supporting your local sex shop. Of course you’re probably not going to get that tantalizing Amazon discount that comes with speedy 3-day delivery syphilis, but you will be assured that you’re getting the safe, unused, high-quality, completely customized sex doll you desired.

Trust me, even if you have to save up a few more weeks for the real deal, you’ll be happy you did (BTW, ASK FOR OUR SUPER EASY LAYAWAY PAYMENT PLAN).

Research the site and the company. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Sorry guys, but quality sex toys and sex dolls are expensive. Stay safe everyone!

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