(2) Click “ADD TO CART”,Click “CHECKOUT“,

Step1: Find Your Favorite Doll

Step 2: Custom Love Doll
Check the doll specs and customize it with the options listed and then click ‘add to cart after selecting the options.

Step 3: Checkout
Step 4: Payment
Please fill in your shopping details (your name, contact number, and delivery address).
We provide the following payment methods for your doll:
2.Credit Card(Visa & MasterCard etc)
Tips: If your order has failed.it was blocked for security purposes.please call your bank and pay again.
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Step 5: Order Confirmation
You will get a confirmation email, please review all the details your selected. Please make sure that the order details and shipping details are correct. ( If you did not receive our email, it may have been placed in spam. please check your spam folder)
Step 6: Ready To Ship
 if you need the doll‘s factory pictures we will send pictures to you. you can confirm everything you selected looks correct.
Step 7: Pay Attention To The Packages Tracking Number
We will send you the tracking number to you by email. Please reach out to the shipping company for a more accurate status of your package. If you want to learn more about our shipping policy, please check our Shipping Guide.
Step 8: Delivered
Please be assured that there will be no product information on the package except the order number. Be careful when unboxing and be gentle with your doll. Enjoy your love doll! And if you like your doll, do remember to send us your feedback to us: [email protected]