What is Your Purpose of Buying a Sex Doll

“A sex doll is just a tool to sex, right?””2000 dollar  is too expensive for a doll that just has sex!”Many people are thinking about this. Love dolls, also known as sex dolls, are thought to be dolls just for dealing with libido. But sex isn’t the only way to use love dolls. Rather, it may be purchased by people who like cosplay or who are related to clothing. Surprisingly, many people buy it for reasons other than sex.

How to use a sex dollReasons to buy a sex doll

In this article, I will introduce these two.

How to use a love doll

The first thing I want to tell you is that the use of love dolls is endless. In particular, some people use it for other purposes than those who have sexual activity.

Sexual activityCosplayTo shootCosleepingFigurine

These are just typical usages of sex dolls. How to use a love doll differs depending on the person who uses it.

Sexual activity

The most typical usage is sexual activity. It can be said that it is a commonly recognized usage of sex dolls. The charm of love dolls is that they are women with an ideal figure. It has the body shape and good looks that every man longs for.And it will satisfy your favorite habits such as Japanese, Caucasian, big breasts, small breasts, and Lolita. In particular, it is attractive that the propensity to have sex with Lolita, which is a crime in reality, is also fulfilled.In addition, there are many love dolls that can have three sexual acts such as vagina, anal, and oral sex. It can be said that it will fulfill your own habits. 


Cosplay has become a popular way to use love dolls. If you check the sites that sell love dolls, there are even pictures of sex dolls that have been made into anime cosplay. You can see that there are many people who enjoy taking pictures with their favorite cosplay.There are also women who make sex dolls cosplay. Because it’s a love doll with an ideal figure, it’s fun to make it cosplay.

To shoot

In some cases, it is used as a model when you want to sell your own clothes and accessories online. There are many cases where love dolls look better on the clothes you make than on mannequins, and some people use them instead of mannequins.There are more women than men who buy this way. This may be a surprising use.


I miss being dating a woman for many yearsI feel lonely because I can’t make friendsThere are many people like this in the world. Such people use sex dolls as co-sleeping partners to dispel loneliness. Everyone has a lonely night, and some have troubles that cannot be said to others. It’s soothing to have someone to sleep with.

Figurines / collections

Although rarely used, love dolls are sometimes purchased as figurines. It’s a so-called collection. To be honest, it’s quite a luxury to use a sex doll, and it’s a minority.However, some people are fascinated by the beauty of sex dolls and buy them as figurines or collections.Many love dolls are as tall as real women, about 150cm-160cm. Even so, there are small love dolls of 100 cm or less. It can be placed on a small shelf, making it a perfect love doll for your collection.

Surprising Reasons for People Who Buy Love Dolls

Many people may find it surprising how to use a love doll. However, if you ask why you buy a love doll, you will realize the charm and value of a love doll.

Reasons such as misanthropy

Realistically unable to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sexI have a physical disabilityFor this reason, many people buy love dolls. Let’s dig deeper in detail.I think there are various reasons for misanthropy.I don’t want to get along with people because of traumaI don’t want to be deeply involved in the opposite sex because of traumaThis is one of the surprising reasons why such people buy love dolls. Real people are traumatized and don’t want to get involved, but some people buy it to dispel loneliness.Also, people who are tired of real women or who are disciplined can buy it to dispel loneliness or eliminate libido. Sex dolls have the appeal of healing the hearts of people with such trauma.Realistically unable to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sexSome people find it difficult to have sexual activity realistically. For example, the following people.

People who can’t have sexual intercourse

People who are ill and unable to have sexual intercourseSome people buy love dolls for this reason. Love dolls can be healing, especially for those who are ill and unable to have sexual intercourse.Sexual activity is indispensable for dating the opposite sex. If you can’t do that, it will be very difficult to get along. Love dolls are attractive to such people.

I have a physical disability

Some people buy love dolls because they have a physical disability. Of course, even people who are physically handicapped and cannot move have sexual desire. Sex dolls are helping such people.There are many reasons to buy a love doll. The reasons introduced here are only a few.

Does a love doll heal your heart? How to use each person

I have introduced how to use sex dolls and why they buy them. There were various ways to use it and why to buy it. Among them, what is common to many parts is that it is more for healing the mind than for sexual desire processing.Many people may be wondering, “Isn’t $2000 expensive for a doll that just has sex?” Not a lot of budget? It doesn’t matter, sexdollsoff is there. Their most prices are all less than $1000. So you don’t have to worry about that you can’t afford. In addition, the quality of cheap real sex dolls are also commendable. This is really the best budget love dolls for you.

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