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Welcome to our sex doll FAQ.

Find below the most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that finds no answer here please feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours.


If you are looking for a quick delivery, you can look at our Ready to Ship dolls. Those dolls are warehouse sale which offers the best price but cannot be customized. If you are looking for something more specific, you can choose from the categories below. Those dolls will be made from scratch and shipped from our factory in China. It takes about 10-15 days before you meet her but it’s totally worth.

We treat our dolls and our customers with heart. You can learn more from here. Also, if you are more interested in seeing what the product really looks like and how our customers feel, you can look at the Ready Doll Images / Customer reviews .

Yes, SexDollsOFF store is legit. SexDollsOFF is a new international and professional adult doll vendor. We’re the official authorized vendor of TPE/Silicone sex dolls, and we have cooperated with many famous brand sex doll manufacturers, such as SY Doll, SE Doll, Fire Doll, AiBei Doll and etc.

1. Select a in-stock doll or Customize Your Sex Doll
Feel free to ask us any questions here.

2. Payment Process
We provide the following payment methods for your doll:

a. PayPal
b. PayPal Express Visa & MasterCard
c. Split Payment / Sexdollsoff Layaway Plan

3. Order Handling
a. In-stock dolls: We send the doll from our oversea warehouse in 1-3 business days after payment is received.
b. Custom dolls: It takes 1-3 weeks depending on the brand you select to produce a sex doll.

4. Confirmation
Custom dolls: We show you pictures of your sex doll for confirmation before we arrange the shipment.

5. Shipping & Customs
We send a tracking number to your email box within 2-3 days once your doll is shipped.
a. In-stock dolls: The delivery takes 3-7 business days.
b. Custom dolls: The delivery takes 7-12 business days. In some countries import taxes might be required at delivery. It usually ranges from $100 to $200 and up, depending on the doll. You’re responsible for import taxes and fees. Learn more about our shipping policy here.

6. Delivery & Review
When you receive your sex doll, you need to take good care of your sex doll during use and handling. Learn more about sex doll care from here! If your sex doll has any defects when receiving it and has not been used in any way, we can arrange the doll been returned as long as you notify us within 24 hours of receiving your doll. Read our return policy here. If you’re satisfied with our service and product, send us your reviews.


It is our responsibility to protect your privacy and payment security, it is very important to us!

We encrypt all information using SSL protocol. You can see the green padlock to the far left on the URL bar followed by “https://” rather than just “http://” which is non-encrypted.Please feel free to buy!

Yes, of course you can! Whenever we run a promotion, you can apply this ad code to your order, we have set the coupon code to auto-apply mode, click “Checkout” and you can see the order Coupon applied automatically.

SexdollsOff offers two payment options for your security: PayPal or Credit cards. Please visit our payment methods here.

Yes. If you want to cancel your order, please send your cancellation request to as soon as possible. The following rates for cancellation and restocking fees apply based on when you notify us of this request:

Within 6 hours – you will receive a 90% refund.
After 6 hours – you will receive an 80% refund.

Note: You cannot cancel an order for a ‘custom’ doll at any time. We cannot refund you for a doll made to your specifications.

Here are more details about cancellation policy.


a. In-stock dolls: Shipping time takes 3-7 working days.
b. Custom dolls: Shipping time takes 7-12 working days.

Absolutely! With any package you receive from us, we will always keep the boxes plain yet resistant.NO ONE will know what is inside except for you.

Yes, we can ship the package to a local FedEx/UPS location for you to pick up. Please provide the address of the FedEx/UPS location in your order, and we will ship the package there for your collection. Please make sure to call FedEx/UPS in advance to confirm their support for package pickups.

Yes, we offer free shipping to the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and most of the countries, but the receipt need to pay import taxes and VAT in Europe, we highly recommend the in-stock dolls because of no taxes, and if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

No, however, based on our experience, customers who do not wish to have the items ship to their location can call up UPS, FedEx or DHL and have the items held in their shipping warehouse. When the item arrived the shipping company will call you (you can also track when it arrived online via the tracking number) and the customer can then pick it up.

When you complete the payment. We will send the tracking number to your mailbox within 1-2 days after the sex doll is issued so that you can track the package.


By storing your sex doll in a cool, dark place she will be safe from damage. The best way is placing your doll in a sitting position, or lying on her back are both popular storage positions as well, just make sure she is not wearing any tight clothing or dark color fabrics for a long period of time. Dark color fabric may stain the doll skin after prolonged exposure.

The main things you want to avoid when storing your sex doll are:
1. Contact with dark color fabrics – these may stain the dolls skin if in contact for a long period of time.
2. Tight clothing – things like elastic bands may leave permanent marks or indentations on your doll if they are left on during storage.
3. Sunlight – The sun may fade her skin and facial features unevenly.
4. Extreme temperatures – Hot and cold temperatures may warp your dolls feature over time – these must be extreme temperatures, no need to worry about normal fluctuations, but below freezing and extreme heat should be avoided.
5. Pressure points. If anything is pressing into the doll skin over a long period of time you may find some permanent indentation occurs. It is important that the doll is suspended in air, or resting on a soft surface.

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The make-up used is ordinary cosmetics, which will fade over time. Frequent friction will speed up fading. You can remove the doll’s makeup and redo it.

Please try to use the clothes that comes with your TPE love dolls. When you want to buy your sex doll new clothes, please buy high quality and light color like white color clothes, and avoid dark color clothes. Low quality and dark color clothes will cause clothing dye on your sex dolls due to the TPE material characteristic. If you have the clothing dye problem on your adult dolls, please contact us to buy the TPE fading cream to take the color off the sexy doll skin. But the TPE fading cream only can clean the clothing dye to some extent, not completely.

Taking care of your doll to get the maximum use out of her is easy. After you have finished using her to your satisfaction, simply wash her off with warm water which has a small amount of mild soap added to it. Rinse her off with clean warm water before drying her thoroughly. Allow her to air dry completely before storing her back in her special place. A light dusting of talcum powder can be used to help keep the silicone feeling smooth and natural. AVOID petroleum based lubricants and products containing alcohol or perfumes.

On principle, prefer to start our description with the word “clean”. You can’t throw TV to a bathtub, however, you can regularly wipe it with a rag. Before clean the doll, first you should know the structure of a doll, to decide the appropriate way to clean. Inside and out, the structure of the doll is metal skeleton and TPE skin. Well, you see metal, which means you should be cautious about natural enemy–water. We recommend you to clean it in the following way: Applying powder to the doll is as the main method. The frequency is adjusted according to the weather and doll’s exudation of oil. Take the shower as a supplement. Don’t use boiling water when washing. The judgment criterion of boiling water is not producing vapor. The neck is the only one place water can get into, which means that the doll will be safe as long as to protect the neck. The disadvantage is that it is hard to take the water out if water gets into. After a long time, the metal will corrode and have a smell. So please do remember to clean the doll very carefully. As for the bath lotion, there is no problem if it is produced by regular manufacturers. But we do not suggest to frequently clean the doll with it because they are also one of chemical products.

To avoid bacterial growth, we recommend a thorough cleaning every 14 days. Consider cleaning more frequently based on your usage.

Use antibacterial soap mixed with clean warm water and gently massage the doll’s skin with your hands or dab it with a light sponge. When cleaning the doll, do not let the neck and head get too wet or submerged in water as this may cause any metal parts to rust. If you accidentally get a metal part wet, be sure to dry it immediately to prevent rust.

You can give your sex doll a shower or bath.


•Standard skeleton Knee flexion amplitude is small, bending to about 90 degrees.

•EVO skeleton can make your doll shrug its shoulders. More realistic and different poses.The spine is more flexible and can tilt left and right.

•Compared to the standard skeleton, yoga skeleton is a more advanced skeleton. The spine and joint of the yoga skeleton are more flexible and can lean left and right, which help in creating the hot intimate times desired by doll lovers. Legs can be bent into a W position or downwards to touch the buttocks.

•Standard breasts are made of TPE material. The breasts of the doll are soft and bouncy. When you are squeezing them, you will experience some slight firmness.

•When you squeeze Hollow breasts , your fingers & thumb will come together with only the TPE material between them. when you raise yourself up on your elbow to feel her breast, they felt great.

•Jelly breasts are more softer than the standard breast option.The gel is the perfect middle ground and most closely real breast.

Dollls joints are made of stailesseel which is strongenough to enble to be bent in a real man wa . Althcugh the joints are strong stillplease do not bend themin improper way. will esut i broken to the joints.Joints can be stitf when a dolli new and jits should be posed using a frm,two-honded grip on either sideof the jint being careful not to twist the skin unnoturly lt snormdl that the joints hove a slight creaking sound for new dols.The joint il b oosening withcontinual use.

You should avoid any tight-fitting clothes that might compress and deform the TPE. About the size, natural half-lengths is better.We recommended to choose S / M/ L / XL for sex dolls.

•Standard breasts are made of TPE material. The breasts of the doll are soft and bouncy. When you are squeezing them, you will experience some slight firmness.

•When you squeeze Hollow breasts , your fingers & thumb will come together with only the TPE material between them. when you raise yourself up on your elbow to feel her breast, they felt great.

•Jelly breasts are more softer than the standard breast option.The gel is the perfect middle ground and most closely real breast.

Use the screw connector and body attached to the product. 1. Rotate the screw at the hole of the head. 2. Put the head to align the holes of the body. Then you can rotate the head until you feel it will not drop. 3. Note: Do not over-rotate the head. Prevent damage to the hole at the joint of the head.

A sex doll will last anywhere from 3 years to 8 years depending on usage and care. A sex doll that gets frequently used and moved will be more likely to suffer wear and tear. There are many things doll owners can do to preserve and maintain their sex doll. If damage does occur it is also quite easy to perform repairs on your sex doll.

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Do not use heavy objects to press down on the sex doll’s surface. it needs to lie flat when you are done using the doll. It is possible to temporarily release the pressure and it will heal on its own. If it doesn’t recover for a while, please cover it with a warm wet towel and do this many times to help remove it.

Yes. All the wigs we sent can be washed and styled.When brushing a long wig ,it s atvisable to use a metal brush or comb to brush from its tips.Brush t carefulyand gradully from the end to the scalp.In this way will help you do not mess up the wig Syrthetic fiber wigs are easier to maintain than human hair wirs.

Use water-based lubrication. Please do not use oil-based, petroleum-based or silicone lubricants.

You can use thin ron wire or o neede to pierce a hol,but cannot cut with knives o other sharp objects.Remember,after piercing holes, they will be permanent.

Absolutely, some of our dolls come with a permanent makeup but you can add your own makeup over it.
While some perfumes may contain alcohol which can damage the skin, so we suggest you spray it on a hidden part (such as the armpit) or avoid perfumes which contain alcohol.

Doll in Addition to metal skeleton ​No Other for Stuffing.

Generally, Non-Extreme Posture Dolls Can Be Made, Standing Models Can Stand, and Non-Standing Models Are Forbidden to Stand.

Can Oral Sex. Vaginal Intercourse. Anal Sex. Breast Sex.

Intelligent moaning system with body sensors including a vaginal sensor, left breast sensor, right breast sensor(there are pronunciation chips inside), How to use: The moaning switch set on the back of the doll body. Please turn on the intelligent moaning system. that reacts to your touch vaginal, breasts with erotic sexual moaning responses – you’ll know when you are pleasing her. Her very sexual and intimate voice responses let you enjoy the ultimate orgasm. When not in use, please turn off this button.

The sex doll maintains a similar appearance to the real person, especially in the hairstyle, face, breasts, etc., which belong to your dream girl.

They are the mouth, vagina, anus, which can bring you amazing sexual pleasure.

Yes. The doll is assembled by the head and body, and the head is detachable. The doll can be attached to different wigs.

Made of medical TPE material. Very similar to human skin. They are very soft.

The inside of the doll contains a metal frame. The doll can be made of real human skin and makeup in any pose, so once you have it, you can’t put it down

Yes. You will receive the same naked sex doll as the photo shows. But note that the clothes and other accessories are for a photo displaying only.

Realistic sex dolls and inflatable dolls are both sex products for male masturbation that imitate the female body structure and physiological structure.

Inflatable dolls need gas to inflate the product.

Buying any type of sex doll depends on personal preference, sex dolls can enhance sexual pleasure.

Yes, sex dolls allow you to enjoy an exciting oral sex life.

The doll is like a real woman with vagina, mouth, anus for sex.

A real doll is a good choice, love doll can have sex with you anytime.

Sex dolls are designed to enhance the sexual experience of men. it can be used as exercises.Always be your sexual partner, no complaints.

You don’t need to think about your partner’s condition, your movements and thrusts are focused on you, making it feel more focused. realistic sex doll is a unique experience.

Made of TPE material, realistic skin texture, like having sex with a real woman.

Sex is benefit for everyone.Sex dolls today are one of the best ways to relieve stress.Sex dolls have greatly improved the lives of men. sex doll can help meet your physical needs, she can stay with you forever.

Yes, we can. Please send us an email with your requirements.

No, TPE is tasteless. Due to plastic and wrap protection, there may be a slight odor when opening the package.

The skin of sex dolls is very similar to human skin. There are sex dolls made of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers). They are soft and stretchy.

Sex doll weight is tied to body size and height. Your doll will be heavier if it’s taller.

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