Why is Lubricant Recommended During Sex?

If you want to make your sex life more harmonious, it is recommended to use lubricant. Lubricant not only has a lubricating effect, it can be used to eliminate the discomfort of the first sex or long-distance sex, at the same time, it can also add some fun to the sex life.

 Lubricant can relieve vaginal dryness

One of the most basic functions of lubricants is to relieve vaginal dryness and relieve pain during sex.

How to use lubricant ?

When you are having sex, apply a little lubricant to the doll’s vagina to increase the lubrication during sex, reduce friction, and make sex more comfortable.

 Lubricant adds fun to sex life

Using lubricant can make sexual intercourse smoother. However, the use of lubrication with special functions during sex can not only reduce the friction between the vagina and the penis, but also help to add interest.There are also lubricant that have the effect of heat and cooling, which can help sex bring new exciting experiences and instantly ignite passion.

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