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What is the biggest concern of physical dolls now?there is no doubt. Exquisite makeup.Doll head sculptures can be mass-produced, but high-quality doll makeup cannot be mass-produced. Why is it still difficult to produce high-quality makeup in such a high-tech industrialization?Makeup has always been not so simple to complete. If you just put on a foundation, eyebrows, and lipstick, it is not makeup at all. This can be known by referring to ladies on important occasions and major events. I don’t know how much time and thoughts are spent on makeup and styling.What is the biggest concern of physical dolls now? It’s makeup. How does high-quality makeup come from? It is made by technological innovation and professional makeup artist.

Makeup is the most important part of the production process of a physical doll, which runs through every link from the source design to the final output. Exquisite makeup is also the most intuitive test of doll quality. If the doll is not beautiful, the user will not like the doll.

Now, all of our TPE series dolls can be made with fine makeup.

First, the first part is the base makeup. We chose a foundation with medium coverage. This is because too high a foundation will make the overall makeup look heavy, which is not an ideal makeup.Second, the first is wild eyebrows. This kind of eyebrows needs to be drawn to show the direction of the eyebrows. Then fill in the eyebrows with eyebrow powder, and choose straighter eyebrows, which will be slightly modified according to different models of dolls.Third, the eye makeup is the focus of makeup. Use nose shadow to brighten the eye sockets. Choose a darker eyeliner, draw the inner eyeliner, and extend it slightly at the end of the eye. Put on natural-style false eyelashes, and then use mascara to brush the false eyelashes together. The overall makeup is delicate.The above three details are the more important points of this new fine makeup process. We will continue to develop new processes in the future, so that the majority of users have a better sense of experience.

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