How To Care The Feet For TPE Sex Doll


Many doll lovers are wondering if their tpe sex doll can wear shoes. What kind of footwear should the doll wear? Is it possible to reduce the damage to the doll’s feet with shoes? There are some suggestions for this issue.

You can choose many kinds of shoes for sex dolls, but at the same time, there are many things to pay attention to. The doll’s feet will be very fragile and require special care. Most doll lovers recommend wearing flat shoes, especially sneakers, as flats cover and support the entire sole of the foot and ankle. 

We do not recommend wearing high heels for real dolls. On the one hand, high heels have a slope, it is difficult to stand in any type of high heels, and it is especially difficult to hold a balanced posture, on the other hand, The soles and toes of adult dolls do not have skeletons, and are usually made of iron wires, which can cause the soles of the feet to slide forward and the toes to be damaged. If you really want to wear high heels for your doll, it’s best to sit or lie down.

Silicone Socks

There are a few things to pay attention to when wearing shoes for sex dolls

1. Don’t wear high heels, they can damage the doll’s feet

2. Don’t allow real life sex doll to stand for a long time, even if it has a standing function

4. Don’t allow the realistic sex doll to wear shoes for too long, because they will make the doll’s feet soles, and ankles wrinkled

5. Don’t use too much force when wearing shoes, they are easy to squeeze

6. To protect the real love doll’s feet, place a thick insole with foam and gel inserts

7. Silicone socks are the best way to protect the real doll’s feet

8. The size of the shoes should be appropriate, After wearing them, it is a good idea to keep a finger

9. If you find that the love doll’s toes are stuck together, just lightly spray the powder on the doll’s feet to separate them.

10. Wrinkles on the feet are a common occurrence. If there is a problem with the sex doll, let it lie flat on the floor and rub it gently, then it will disappear after a while.

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