The Definite Guide To Tpe Sex Dolls Awareness

high quality sex doll

Many merchants sell sex dolls using the same pictures, but the quality is different. Many friends have had the experience of being cheated while buying real dolls online. here we will teach you to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality sex dolls.


Silicone and TPE are the main materials used to make dolls.  The properties of the materials make them different from each other. Most realistic sex dolls on the market are made of TPE, which is less expensive than Silicone.
Medical TPE has good elasticity, high hardness, and smooth surface, and it looks more real. inferior materials have poor elasticity and look unreal. In addition, they are very fragile and easily affected by fine scratches, which cannot be ignored.


Medical TPE materials will not have a negative impact on the human body, which is why high-quality tpe sex dolls are generally made of them. Good-quality love dolls have almost no smell, while poor-quality dolls have a strong smell, and you can’t wash the smell off the doll. A bad smell may lead to respiratory diseases. If an abnormality is found, please stop using it.


Good quality dolls can last a long time. After being used one or more times, low-quality dolls will have quality problems such as cracking, and will become disposable items. Poor-quality tpe love dolls don’t have the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, and long service life that high-quality adult dolls do.

high quality sex doll

You can find different prices on different websites for real life sex dolls. Don’t buy a doll from an informal cheap channel because this is a multi-channel random distribution.We have our own factory, Every process is monitored and controlled by our factory. We are able to provide you with pictures of the doll factory.The dolls are shipped to overseas warehouses by sea. Our real sex dolls are more competitively priced because of the reduced shipping costs.

It’s obvious that a good quality lifelike sex dolls costs a lot of money.You have to be aware that there are a lot of scams when you find a doll for a cheap price.If you fail to resist the temptation to buy a low-quality doll from a merchant who offers a price that is too “feasible”, you will receive a low-quality doll. Don’t be a victim of any scam that might steal your hard-earned money.

If you buy a low-quality life size sex doll at a cheap price, not only will the experience effect be poor, but also irreparable damage such as cracking, loose skeleton, fading,, and others will appear in less than a few months of use. This doesn’t only waste your time and money but it also makes you lose interest in dolls.

The above is sexdollsoff sharing practical methods to identify the quality of real dolls. We are an online sales website integrating production, sales, service, and so on. We offer a wide variety of affordable sex dolls.Take one home today!

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