How To Buy Sex Doll Extra Head?

in stock sex doll
You may be tired of your doll,and want to get a different sense of freshness by trying different dolls.
Recently we have received customers feedback on the doll.If i buy one of in stock doll, would the head of the doll be able to switch to different doll head?
Thank you for our customer support, we are willing to listen to customers’ opinions to meet customer needs in the best way.Therefore, buying a sex doll can get  free second head.
Indicated according to the data
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If you are struggling to find the motivation you need to make it through your doll, do not despair. You may be able to find the motivation and support you need with a sex doll. Sexual partner are great to have because they can help you to overcome challenges that you normally would not be able to overcome on your own. Here some suggestions for you to use while you are searching for a new sexual partner.

The skin color of the doll:Fair/Light/Tan Head:Doll’s wig style; eyecolor;

Skeleton Type

A sex doll’s posability/articulation variety of movement is crucial to me when selecting dolls due to the fact that I hope to posture her in all type of vibrant positions.

Standard body

Standard skeleton Knee flexion amplitude is small, bending to about 90 degrees.


EVO skeleton can make your doll shrug its shoulders. More realistic and different poses.The spine is more flexible and can tilt left and right.

Breast OptionsDivided into solid and hollow optional. Of course, the hollow feel will be better, but if you have a small chest shape, you will recommend a solid one, depending on your choice.

solid breast

Solid breasts are filled with high-quality TPE material, and still has the softness and elasticity of good TPE material

hollow breast

Hollow breasts are air-filled boobs, not a TPE material.They are more soft and realistic. If you want a chubby love doll with big breasts, you can select hollow busts to decrease the weight.

Although finding a sexual partner may seem difficult, when you start, it is really easy to achieve it. You can be surprised by the sexual partner’s discovery.Get free second head!!!


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