What Is Your Favorite Sex Position For Sex?

Sex Position

Sex is amazing art that can only be accomplished with lots of experience and experimentation.
I tend to gravitate towards aggressive, passionate, and slightly raunchy sex more often than not.

Full Size Realistic Sex Doll Doggy Style
It is my personal favorite sex position, and if you are obsessed with it, it is perfect for rough sex. There is something primordial and special about doggy style, whether it is down on all fours, bent over the armrest of the couch, thrust over a table or hands against a wall.

BBW Sex doll

Vaginal And Anal Sex

Vaginal and anal sex can be performed in this position. The butt slaps, when the female real doll leans down and runs her hand around the doll’s body, is one of my favorite things. The position is perfect for rough times when I want to have fun. Get it hard by thrusting down, ass up, and getting it hard. If you want to enter her vagina from behind, you have to bend over the doll. Put your erect penis into her vagina and begin thrusting it in and out.

If you have a good rhythm, you can hold on to her hips or waist with your hands, which will allow you to thrust deeper and harder if you please. If you don’t control the speed and intensity of your thrusts, you might cause yourself to ejaculate too quickly. If you are sufficiently erect, you can draw out your thrusts longer so that you can pull your penis out of the doll’s vagina.

You will be able to do the doggy style well once you have practiced it for a while.

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