What Is The Laziest Way To Clean A Love Doll?

I believe everyone is upset about cleaning real life sex doll after having sex.
For first-time users, applying lubricating oil and wearing a condom can better enter the lower body of the doll.
Using a condom not only protects the penis but also makes it easier to clean the doll’s vagina.

Here are the steps to use a condom

  • 1. Open the package and take out the condom from the package.
  • 2. Put the condom into the fully erected penis
  • 3. Use your fingers to completely pinch out the air at the tip of the condom.
  • 4. Use your fingers to hold the rubber ring of the condom out, and unfold the condom along the penis until it completely covers the penis
  • 5. After sexual intercourse, completely hold the rubber ring of the condom in your hand. Then pull the penis out of the vagina.
  • 6. Take out the condom carefully and throw it into the trash can.

When you are ready for real sex doll, put a condom on your erect penis, apply an appropriate amount of lubricant, and choose your favorite way of making love.Of course, after using full size sex doll many times, it is recommended to use warm water to clean it. The vagina and anus can be cleaned repeatedly with the delivered cleaner, and it is forbidden to use the faucet to directly wash the vagina. Dry sticks can be used after washing.

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