What is the future of realistic sex dolls

In the future, sex dolls will become more important to us. Without them, it will be more difficult for us to face the lonely life.
I have exchanged topics related to sex dolls with many friends.A senior sex doll player once told me that with the advancement of technology, it will be enter to new subdivisions.
During COVID-19 , sex dolls are very popular in the world.After millions of people have dolls, they can spend their boring time comfortably at home. Even after the epidemic is over, sex dolls will have more iterations, and their demand will continue to surge.
Our manufacturers have also received some strange doll customization requests. Some customers want a doll with BBW, and some customers want Blonde Sex Dolls.
In the past period of time, it has been shown that the physical doll market is very broad, but there is no opportunity to stimulate this market.Use dolls instead of real models.
At the moment, many people are beginning to use these dolls as an emotional companion. Some of my friends and I complained that they cannot easily meet people or date through various online social software. During self-isolation, there were many discussions on the Internet, and people were trapped at home and felt lonely, and often needed someone to accompany them.
I hope this will encourage those who are lonely to try!
Actually you are not alone because you have sex dolls to cure loneliness. Many people who feel lonely or isolated, when they have a sex doll, we will have a better future and be able to be happy.
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