What Do You Think Is An Adult Doll?

Today may be broken, your knowledge of adult dolls.
The following is a share from customers
Life Size Big Tits Sex Doll
love doll and we are family
I have an adult doll who has been hiding in my house. Because the wife died early and the daughter moved out again, no one found out.
Once, because her daughter was about to get married, she was going to tell her dad, but when she returned home, she found her father’s adult doll by accident.
Because my daughter did not accept it, I decided to throw away the doll.
When my daughter saw me alone, she understood that I needed a doll to accompany me. In this way we lived happily together.
The doll feels like a real person
You must be curious when did he have the first doll?
My marriage lasted for fifteen years and finally fell apart. During that time, I was very depressed. I just didn’t want to talk about relationships with real women. These dolls made me very relaxed, and let me have no pressure on both sexes, and I stopped looking for anything.
I don’t have any illusions about dolls. When I want to be with dolls, I just put that chair in the corner, sit on the chair and drink beer, look at them, and then I know which one attracts me the most.
love doll
The doll is my wife
Will you share your happiness with the doll, or tell your relatives and friends?
She is my wife no matter what, and we wear a pair of wedding rings.
I like blond hair sex doll and japanese anime sex doll. In fact, I live with Wawa and gradually understand what kind of personality she fits. I will take pictures of her. This is a process of continuous improvement
What is the difference between being with her?
You need to add a lot of your own imagination. For example, it will be easier to get in touch with real people, but for me, whether it is physically or psychologically, after the passion, she will stay by my side, and she will be back the next morning. Yes, I can live in a world constructed by myself, a real life like fiction.
I will introduce my doll to my friends
I don’t conceal the relationship with the doll at all, and I am even willing to show it to the outside world.
Why did you want to buy a doll to accompany you in the first place?
He said that for me personally, it is really difficult for me to get along with human beings. I don’t have a partner, just being alone with my baby. “
Why would you want to bring the doll to the bar?
It’s like taking my girlfriend to a bar. Fortunately, if she doesn’t drink, my wallet can get away with it.

The beauty of love is that we need to be brave and not give up.

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