Should I Take A Shower After Sex

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Making Love To A Tpe Love Doll

The human body is capable of releasing different body fluids during sex. Those body fluids will dry out and start to smell and certain parts of the body will start to become sticky.

It’s a good idea to have a shower after sex to wash your cock and balls off after a long time of sex.

I usually shower after sex with my realistic female sex doll. I don’t think this is unusual at all. You just spent a good amount of time doing physical activity, you are covered in sweat, you smell of sex, and you probably have semen covering different parts of your body.

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Cleaning Doll’s Vagina

Open doll’s labia and wash inside to make sure that no sexually transmitted disease has been passed on while you fuck each other if that is the hole you entered She should clean the area even if you did not cum inside her.

It makes you feel better to wash the sweat and bodily fluids off your body after sex because it’s good basic hygiene.

It’s nice to clean all that sweat off, wash each other’s backs, and enjoy some of the residual pleasure in each other’s bodies a bit more in an intimate and loving way. Allow that feeling to last as long as it can, and then retreat to a place where you can be with each other. You are going to have to sleep with the day coming to an end.

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