Sex Positions With Your Love Doll

sex postion

There are many kinds of sexual intercourse postures, and postures can help increase the pleasure of sexual life. The most commonly used sexual intercourse positions.

  • Missionary
  • Cowgirl’s Helper
  • Doggy Style
  • Scoop Me Up


The lifelike sex doll is lying flat, with the legs separated and bent. The male can directly lie on the real doll or half-support the body or adopt a kneeling position.

Features: Men can see full body sex doll’s body completely, and can touch the doll’s body, making it easier to have sexual pleasure.

Cowgirl’s Helper
The man lies on his back, realistic love doll sits on the man’s body with knees bent, and then the man inserts into the woman, which is similar to riding a horse, so it is called the riding position.
Features: easy to insert, more in-depth for men.
Doggy Style
The adult doll knees and hands or elbows support the body, or the front chest is directly attached to the bed to raise the hips; the man kneels behind him and enters from the back.
Features: When using the back-entry style, you can change the insertion angle by changing the height of the buttocks, and adjusting it according to your own comfort
Scoop Me Up
When you feel uncomfortable, then you can consider the position of the back entry.
Features: This posture is not only suitable for penetrative sex, but also for rubbing sexual organs with each other.
Everyone has different body structures, different sexual organs, and different ways of being aroused. Therefore, there is no posture that can perfectly satisfy everyone’s needs.
The benefits of proper sex life are good for the heart and blood circulatory system, and having sex can also destroy stress, relieve tension, help sleep, maintain youth and improve self-confidence. Let life get rid of boring.
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