Pros and Cons of TPE Sex Dolls

Many men, women and married couples buy sex dolls to get rid of loneliness or add more piquant notes to their intimate life. But what are the selection criteria? Only looks and design? The first selection criterion is the cover material, it should be as realistic as possible, so that you want to touch your beauty. The market of rubber products does not stand still, it is developing day by day.TPE is becoming more and more popular. Probably partially because of the lower price, but also because they are softer to touch than silicone.

What is TPE?

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, sometimes known as thermoplastic rubbers. It is made from mixing polymers such as a plastic and a rubber, which consists of materials with both thermoplastic (plastic) and elastomeric (rubber) properties.TPE is a kind of plastic that can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and it is very soft. It is fairly popular material used in everyday items because it can be used to make items that possess rubber like features but still utilize the efficiency of current injection molding techniques making it more economical.TPE sex dolls have been gaining high popularity over the recent years, much due to their low cost. The thermoplastic elastomer is very inexpensive to produce and the sex dolls, therefore, bear a low price. Also, this low cost doesn’t mean poor quality, so it provides an added benefit. TPE sex dolls were their plastic counterparts for a cheaper version. Customers tend to pay attention to them as more accessible and therefore launch out of the shelves faster than any other kind of doll.TPE dolls are smoother and great in touch than their Silicone counterparts, which is the reason why they are preferred; they feel and look more natural than silicone. The materials used to create TPE sex dolls are also flexible and not only soft. In fact, there is no sex position with a TPE sex doll that you can’t have. Their boobs and butts wobble back and forth when you rock her back and forth during sex because they are more natural. You are sure to look at it and prefer to find an exciting and seductive sight.Another good thing about TPE dolls, they are made of hypoallergenic. It essentially means that your skin can not be allergic to it even if you use it without protection. The manufacturers have ensured that the dolls are safe for human use.



1.Value – Good value for money; significantly cheaper than silicone dolls yet a lot nicer in quality than a blow up doll2.Lifelike appearance – TPE dolls are very realistic and lifelike.3.Smooth/Soft texture – TPE is used in many ergonomic items such as handles proving it is very soft and smooth to handle4.Squeezable – Elastic features gives it a life-like texture5.Can retain warmth – Able to retain body warmth making it more realistic when warmed up6.Hypoallergenic – TPE is hypoallergenic material meaning it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions.7. Odorless material – No odor or weird smells you get from other material such as jelly or rubber8.Compatible with both water-based and silicone lubricants (unlike silicone dolls that are only compatible with water based lubricants, though water based lubricant is still best).


1. Porous material – It is a porous material meaning it is a material with small holes like pores. This means fluids can get trapped inside of the pores in the TPE in which bacteria and germs can grow if the TPE doll is not cleaned properly.2. Cannot be sterilized – Porous materials cannot be sterilized in nature.3. Quality depends on blend – The quality of the TPE i.e. how smooth it is, depends largely on the formula of the blend thus TPE dolls can vary across different manufacturers. Also unknown materials can be blended into it as well since each manufacturer uses their own formula.4. Newer material – TPE dolls are a more recent invention and so some of the techniques in producing these dolls are not as refined.


Maintenance is a big factor when owning a TPE sex doll. TPE is a material that’s more porous than silicone and such retains more moisture and is more susceptible to humidity. Also, since it’s porous, you can’t technically sterilize it since that would damage the TPE material. That’s bad if you want to avoid stains and molds. But if you’re willing to put in just a little bit of elbow grease, you can make sure the doll stays pristine for a long time. Keeping your doll regularly clean also reduces any unwanted rashes or infections on your end. It takes just a little bit of know-how and willingness to build the habit.While to some the seemingly tedious maintenance of a TPE doll may look hassling, in reality, it is no big deal. Although it is not advised to use any regular cleansing agents to clean-up a TPE doll, one can still use special TPE stain removers to effectively clean their doll. Also, acne cream or conditioner that holds nearly 10% of benzoyl peroxide can also be applied to remove any significant stains from the doll. It takes almost 24 hours for these agents to work their magic and efficiently rid your TPE sex doll from any annoying stains and marks.The experience that the love dolls serve is truly lifelike and that’s what the purpose of these dolls are. You can enjoy your day with your doll, go on a vacation with her, you could even set up a lovely, romantic date with your doll if you so prefer. But there are a few things that you probably should refrain from doing or engaging with your sex doll. For starters, having a shower or bath in the name of romance with your doll is not a fair idea.We did mention that TPE dolls have pores on their skin and they might end up soaking up water. This holds true for the silicone variants as well. It is true that the skin of silicone dolls is non-porous but the water may still sneak in through an unseen or unnoticed hole or through the bolts on the neck, feet and head. If the water through these pores reaches the metal skeleton it may cause mold build up and rust. So, it is best to exercise caution and protect your beautiful doll.ConclusionIn many cases, TPE sex doll users will swear up and down about how great this type of doll is. And truly, if having the doll is such a great experience, keeping it cleaned and regularly well-maintained will feel less like a chore and more of a privilege to do. There are any benefits of having a TPE sex doll. If you want to revamp your sex life, explore your limits and enjoy unrestricted romance, anytime and anywhere, a sex doll would be a great option. You could order one today and receive it in 5 days. Check our preconfigured dolls ready to ship in the IN STOCK catagory.

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