How To Use Lube To Improve Sex


A lot of men complain that a condom diminishes feelings during having sex.

When it comes to “things that make sex life better,” lube is a good just makes things more stimulating and more comfortable.

At the same time, this is also a way to improve the safety of sex. Sex can cause excessive friction, which may cause skin cuts or irritation. The lubricating oil can effectively prevent this from happening.

As we all know, there are many types of lubes: water, oil, and mixed lube. Generally speaking, you should use water-based lube and latex condoms.
Once you choose the one that suits you best, you can better integrate it into your sex.

Used before vaginal intercourse
It may be difficult for you to enter the vagina the first time you try, and you can break it before penetrating sex occurs. You may encounter a situation where the lubricating fluid is spilled on the bed, it does not matter, this is easy to solve with paper towels.
The lubricating oil slowly flows down, are you ready? It will take your sex to a new level.
Of course, lube oil is very suitable for anal sex because your lube oil can reduce friction and enter more smoothly.
By using lube to get the maximum feeling, you have more room to release your libido.

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