How To Make A Sex Doll

The loneliness problem of modern people has been solved by a real doll. They are even more beautiful than real people, with big breasts and thin waists. It is a dream of many men to have a beautiful and sexy partner.

The process of making realistic sex doll is very complicated, and few people can fully understand it. From casting, trimming body details, assembly molding, facial modeling, makeup… It’s like injecting her soul. Then polish and wipe the body, apply makeup, and do nails, and hair every step is very careful, as if taking care of a girl without clothes.

Today we are going to see how the manufacturing of real sex doll begins.The production process can be roughly divided into seven different steps.

Metal skeleton

The structure of the doll is usually made of metal, which is used to replace the human bone to make the whole body of the doll as well as to create a humanoid skeleton. Its joint function is similar to that of human bones, and they can be placed in any posture.

Match the skeleton and mold

The skeleton and mold need to be put in the correct position after they’ve been prepared. The assembly process of the mold and the skeleton is very delicate. If there is a problem with the assembly process, it will affect the overall quality of the life size sex doll and cause it to be incomplete. The process is very delicate and needs to be taken care of.

The preparation of TPE

The ratio of the materials needs to be accurately calculated and evenly mixed by stirring. Different product formulas cause the quality of TPE to vary greatly.

The processing can begin after all the required materials are prepared. The tpe sex doll is formed in the mold after the material is poured into it and heated to about 200°C.


After the cooling is over, the mold is manually opened the female sex doll    is taken out, but the new doll is not yet fully formed. Because the process of pouring and cooling will make the doll have opening and closing lines on the body, the next step in the production process is necessary.

Detail trimming

After the TPE doll is removed from the mold, the next step of processing needs to be done manually. this is to make lifelike sex dolllook more real and beautiful by using a sharpening tool to trim the feet, hands, neck,, and sides of the body. Then help the doll with fingernails and toenails. Rinse again thoroughly, if there are no other blemishes, leave it smooth and dry with powder.

Make the doll’s head

Since the love doll’s head has more complex features than the body, the head and body are made separately.The process of making the head is the same as it is for the body, with different molds used. After the doll’s head is made, a special makeup artist will apply makeup on the doll to make it look better. Customers can have more appearance choices because there are many more head models than body models. Thereal love sex dolls are usually screwed together with screws when they are shipped.

Finally, the sex dolls will be wrapped in plastic film, and put in a warehouse. When a customer places an order, the factory will pick up the sexy doll according to the sample number, put the sex doll in a carton for shipment, and wrap the doll with blankets to protect them.

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