How To Maintain Tpe Sex Doll

Leaving is always the most sad thing, whether it is a friend, a partner or family member, but the time of parting with us of the sex doll is completely controllable, and it is not a difficult task.Dolls are of great significance to some people. In their hearts, dolls will also occupy a very important position. Dolls bring a lot of different pleasures to their lives. Therefore, before they own a doll, they will eagerly want to know the life expectancy of the doll.

But before discussing this, we need to know that, just like everything else in life. For example, a car needs to be maintained when it reaches a certain mileage, and it needs frequent maintenance even when driving in bad road conditions.For the same reason, dolls also need regular maintenance. Although it is impossible to judge the actual life of a doll, there are many factors that affect the life of a doll. The following are the factors that affect the life of a doll:


TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, which is made of mixed polymers (such as plastic and rubber), and they are composed of materials with thermoplastic (plastic) and elastic (rubber) properties. TPE is a plastic that can be stretched to 5.5 times the length and is very soft. So the solid tpe sex doll made of tpe is very soft.If you want to buy dolls, it is a wise choice to buy the best quality. Because of the good quality doll, the longer it will stay with you.


Obviously, the more times the doll is used, the more serious the wear and tear, and the shorter the life span. However, for dolls that are frequently used, proper care and maintenance are required to reduce the wear of the dolls. Especially water and cleanliness.Another important point is that the doll needs to be handled with care. Too much force may cause dents, cracks, or even collapse, which will reduce the life of the doll.


Maintenance is very important for many reasons, especially your health. In addition, maintenance is one of the easiest ways to ensure a longer life for the doll.This includes regular cleaning-especially for more complex parts, you can use lubricants. The most important thing is to avoid the use of harmful chemicals, including acidic solvents, alcohol, silicone oil, etc.Another important aspect is about storage. Remember to put the doll in a cool and dry place, lay it flat, or use a doll hanger. The main factors that shorten the life of a doll are too hot temperature and humidity.

In a word, because the doll is a long-term used product, you must first have a high quality doll, so as to effectively extend the life of the doll, and it also requires daily maintenance.


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