How To Have Anal Sex With Sex Doll

Anal Sex

Anal sex is when the man’s penis enters the doll’s anus

Many people like anal sex with full size sex doll

You need to use a lot of lubricant. Use water-based lubricants specifically designed for sex. Oil-based lubricants can cause condoms to rupture.

How do you have anal sex?

When you explore the anal area for the first time, it may feel strange. Inserting into the anus before sexual intercourse, wearing a condom is like using it in the vagina. If you decide to engage in penetrative anal sex.

Please use a lot of lubricant, penetrate a little first, and then pull it out completely. Go deeper, and then pull it out again. Keep doing this until you are fully integrated.

It may be uncomfortable or even painful if you rush into penetrative anal sex, especially if this is your first time

Anal sex can be stimulating and pleasurable for both giving and receiving but it also takes a while to get used to this feeling.

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