How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll To Make Her Boutique

dress up sex doll

Sex dolls aren’t just masturbation aids. Many people purchase and enjoy them even if they don’t actually have sex with them. They take part in all kinds of different activities like dinner parties, movie nights, or even discos. Engaging in all of these activities mean a variety of different outfits are going to be needed.

Everyone likes beautiful things, but you will be tired when you look it every day.

This is also true for our sex dolls, so many people want to dress up for their sex dolls, but they don’t know how to do. In this article, I will tell you how to dress up for your doll, and where to buy its clothing .

One of the largest problems when buying clothes for a sex doll is finding something in the right size. Unlike real humans, it’s not very practical to take your doll to the store and try things on. This means it’s important to know which sizes you need before you begin.

How to calculate the bra size for your doll

Here’s a practical and easy-to-use bra size calculator.

You need two measurements: breast size and under-breast size.

Want to buy bras for your love doll but not sure about the size?

If you can’t find the under-breast size in the product specifications, you can either measure yourself (see picture below)

Getting a bit of discolouration on your doll might seem like a huge deal, but if it happens, try not to panic. Cleaning should get the bulk of the colour off, so rather than a giant lime green splodge you’ll have a much duller, faded colour. It might take a little while, but the stain will come off.


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