How To Choose Real Sex Dolls Lubricant?

There are many lubricants on the market today. So, how to choose real sex dolls  lubricant? When purchasing, you should adhere to the principle of “simple ingredients, colorless and odorless, and prefer water-soluble and silicone”. Buying lubricating fluids without chemical additives will have no side effects on the human body and be more healthy!
 Oil-based lubricant
Oil-based lubricants are far from the lubricants that meet the standard of sexual life. They are too oily, have a poor lubricating effect, and are easy to remain in the body due to difficult cleaning. Residues in the vagina are likely to cause vaginal bacterial infections and dissolve latex. The condom makes the condom ineffective.
 Water-soluble lubricant
The main components of water-soluble lubricating fluid are pure water and fiber, which are truly suitable for the human body.
①natural: the acidity and viscosity are exactly the same as the secretions of the human body, the solubility is good, and the body is very receptive, and will not damage the vagina.
②hygienic: easy to clean afterward, not greasy, you don’t even need to clean afterward, the lubricating fluid will evaporate by itself after a while.
③Safer: Water-soluble lubricant will not change the latex molecular structure of condoms, and can be used with condoms and sex toys of any material at the same time!
Disadvantages: Unfortunately, the water base is not perfect. Although it is very tender, it has a short lubrication time and is volatile.
Lubricant Sex
Silicon-based lubricant
Silicone resin, the main component of silicone-based lubricants, is more slippery than water-soluble lubricants and has a relatively long lubrication effect. It is currently the best underwater lubricant and anal sex lubricant.
①The lubrication time is longer than the water solubility, and it is not easy to volatilize.
②Silicone lubricant is insoluble in water, it can eliminate the dryness caused by water. If you are a couple who likes to enjoy fish and water in the bathroom or swimming pool, then the silicone-based lubricant is the best choice.
③It can be used simultaneously with hard rubber sex toys such as condoms. It has high adhesion and strong frosting, which increases the pleasure after entering the body.
Disadvantages: easy to react with silicon substances, do not use it at the same time with silicone toys; because it also has a certain oil content, it must be rinsed or wiped after use; it cannot be used for oral sex.
Choose your most suitable lubricant to have sex with real life sex doll.
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