How Do You Pack The Doll For Shipping?

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One of the most worrying questions before you buy  sex doll is undoubtedly how the doll is packaged?
The reason for this concern is that adult dolls are privacy products, so you need to know the package size information before buying.
Real sex dolls in unmarked boxes. Sex dolls are shipped individually to the shipping address at the customer’s address. Information about love dolls does not appear on our packages. Your privacy is very important to us.
What packaging does the doll ship in?
Put foam board inside the box and wrap the doll’s entire body with a blanket. Avoid damage to the doll in transit
We have stock in the US, if you buy a doll in stock, the doll will be shipped from the US and you can receive it in 3-7 days. If you buy a custom doll and need to ship from China, the time to get your doll is about 15-20 days.
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Free Shipping
Enjoy our free worldwide delivery if you’re in the US.We will send you a tracking number once your doll is shipped, and we use Fedex and UPS to speed up shipping and guarantee a safe delivery
About package weight
After you placed your order, when you checked the tracking number it was a small light package, please don’t worry, the label was wrong. We will ship the doll to you.
Will the doll be lost?
the pacakge have sign in sevice, they will call you before they deliver and let you sign in it
If you don’t want the doll delivered to your door, you can pick it up at your local FedEx/UPS store – make sure your local FedEx/UPS store allows pickup.
In addition, our box can be reused so that you don’t need to buy any other trunks to store your real life sex doll.

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