How Do I Organize My Dolls?

How To Put Eye Lashes On Sex Doll

Maybe after a few months using your sex doll your doll’s eye lashes are starting to peel off from the outside inward. What kind of glue canyou use to seal them back onto the TPE?

Don’t worry it’s totally normal and very easy (and cheap) to fix.Because manufacturers only use fake eyelashes and soft glue they will fall one day. This is to prevent any damage to the silicone or the TPE.

What tools you need to change them

What tools you need to change them

A box of eyelashes or the orignal ones if still in good condition.The Eyelashes can be found in boxes in make-up shop with or without glue.If you don’t have an eyelash tweezer it’s fine, any other tweezer will be fine.

Eyelash Glue

Eyelash Tweezer

using the super glue with the brush in it. It gives you enough to hold the lash without a giant smear of glue on the skin to tear off. Hold the lash with some tweezers, glue a section of the base of the lash and set.Do not use other type of glue, you could damage both the doll and the eyelashes

Placing An Eyelash On TPE Doll

You can adjust the length of the eyelashes with scissors when they are in place.

How To Put Eyes On Sex Doll

Your doll’s eye is wedged with the same padding used in the cushions. You can easily find it online or in hobby shops. The amount of wadding to be used depends on how you want your love doll to look, the more you put on, the more the eye is exorbed.
Tip: Partially transform an Asian face into a Western face by simply increasing the volume of cotton wool. Change the expression of your beauty by adjusting the depth of her eye in her head.

How do you attach a wig to a doll?

A hairstyle, that your doll wears, is such an important element shaping the whole character of a doll. It’s even more fun if you could change the hair depending on the doll’s costume or your mood! how to customize the best doll for you?So now I’ll take you through the steps of making this fancy looking but rather simple wig.

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