7 Tips Last Longer During Sex For Men

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The experience of orgasm is an important indicator of sex therapy, so men need to make their orgasm longer in order to enjoy sex.
Let Go Of The Psychological Burden
Don’t feel bad about the pursuit of orgasm, if you have such thoughts in mind, there will be obstacles. If you don’t think you should enjoy sex, it’s hard to get an orgasm. In fact, the orgasm itself is to relax the body to obtain happiness, and to let go of the psychological burden can open the door to happiness.
Control Excitement
The process of sexual response is divided into four stages: excitation, duration, orgasm, and resolution. If you want to be more durable, the key is to recognize the emotional fluctuation process during sex and grasp your own excitement period.
Say To Yourself “i Can Do It”
Can’t get pleasure for a long time, maybe some people think that they can’t. Everyone can have an orgasm and say “I can do it” to themselves.
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Don’t Ignore The Second Time
After orgasm, the instinctive response is to sleep, suppress the desire, and then brew into it again. Most men can last longer with their second intercourse, and with a few more practice sessions, the sex will last longer.
It’s hard to get pleasure when you’re having sex thinking about the unfinished work tomorrow. So treat sex as a comfortable massage and completely relax.
Know Your Body
Due to the lack of sufficient sexual knowledge, many people have been shunning sex, and even dare not explore their own bodies. Men need to learn to look at themselves in the mirror and understand the relationship of male reproductive structure, which will help you guide sexual behavior and further have smoother sex.
Fantasy And Dream Girl Sex Together
When you crave sex with the girl of your dreams, you will be more inclined to get this kind of pleasure, you can have more physical contact with life like sex doll, such as kissing, touching the chest, and starting to explore your sexual journey.
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