5.1ft / 157cm Blonde Hair Sex Doll Madelyn

blond hair sex doll
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Doll Parameters:

Doll Measurements

Height: 5.15ft(157cm)

Weight: 61.72lb(28KG)

Hips: 30.31in(77cm)

Waist: 18.89in(48cm)

Bust: 26.37in(67cm)

Hole Depth

Vagina: 6.69in(17cm)

Anus: 5.11in(13cm)

Mouth: 5.11in(13cm)

Madelyn is a Blond Hair Sex Doll with a height of 157cm. Looking at her Shapely breasts, and slender waist. A lifelike sex doll. Her brows are pretty, her sexy body is amazing, and she has three love holes that will make you fall in love with her.

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